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Who We Are

Our Vision

We strive, collectively, for good mental health and well-being for all young people within North East Lincolnshire . We are committed to working and providing support to families and young people to enable them to thrive, be emotionally resilient, confident and able to achieve whatever they set out to do.

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Our Values

Children in Playground

The values and guiding principles which underpin our practice are:
Approaches and services are person centred and designed around the needs of the individual or family. 
Needs are identified early and support is delivered at the earliest point.
We actively collaborate and engage with children, young people and their families in assessment, decision making and planning so that individual, child and family plans are outcome focused.
Be able to discover young peoples strengths and reach their potential and contribute positively to their local community.

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Our Workforce


As a Workforce, we are ambitious for every child and young person and family that we support.
We are committed to partnership working with other agencies  to improve services and outcomes for all young people and families.

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How we Work

Child-centred Approach

We believe that all children and young people have the right to feel safe and be safe. To have a stable family life. For their individual circumstances, background and culture to be recognised, respected and valued. To be supported and able to discover their strengths and reach their potential. To contribute positively to their local community. To access a range of services and support that meet their needs. To be included within plans, interventions and services that directly affect them.

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