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16+ Supported Living

Committed to Excellence

Through supported living, we can support young people aged 16+ to  develop fulfilling lives in their local communities.

Our support is person-centred, enabling each young person to grow and develop their skills and independence, ready for adulthood.

In particular, we can support young people who have learning disabilities, autism, behaviours that challenge or other complex needs to live safely and as independently as possible.

Supported living provides better outcomes for young people and maintains their relationships with family and friends.

We can support young people who have more complex and challenging needs that cannot currently be met by direct local authority provision.

Support model

We involve the young person and those who know them well in the design and delivery of their support, and place each young person at the centre of decision-making.

We use Person-Centred Active Support so that each individual is actively encouraged and enabled to take part in activities and is able to grow and develop their skills and independence.

Robust support plans are outcome-focused so that people progress to meet their short, medium and longer term goals. Young people benefit from a Key Worker who regularly reviews their support.

We adapt support to each young person’s daily activities, be that school, college, training or employment. We can provide additional support in the mornings, evenings and at weekends to enable each person to lead a full and varied life.

We also have the option to buy properties ourselves, which can be useful when more bespoke environments are required.

Cost savings

Supported living also helps meet local authorities’ wishes to provide services locally, and is significantly better value for money than specialist out-of-area provision.

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